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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket in Progress

It's no secret that I love to crochet. I would crochet all day every day if I could get away with it! But there are only so many afghans and baby blankets that one household needs. I mean, really. When there are enough afghans in the house for every person to have one on their bed, a whole stack of them in the family room to keep everyone cozy while enjoying the latest episode of Phineas and Ferb after dinner, and a few extras here and there for the occasional afghan-over-chairs-fort or living room picnic with every doll in the house...I think that's enough. Enough is enough. In fact, as Mary Poppins says, enough is a good as a feast.

So imagine how thrilled I was to get a phone call from my friend Nancy asking if I would make a few baby blankets for her to give as gifts to some new moms at her work! Oh goodie! An excuse to crochet! I'll take it! So we went yarn shopping and picked up some super bright and happy colors of Red Heart Super Saver yarn for the first blanket which will be made in blocks...

Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket in ProgressI started out by crocheting the centers for sixteen blocks using this pattern from the Lion Brand website. I threaded all of them onto a spare knitting needle to keep them in order. Then I crocheted the next three rounds in the bright solids, four of each color and stacked them onto another knitting needle.

Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket in ProgressDoesn't that just look delicious? See all those ends hanging out the side? As I add the next color, I'll crochet over those ends so I won't have to weave them in when I'm finished. Anything to save the dreaded finishing work!

Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket in ProgressI love how the knitting needle keeps all the blocks neatly stacked together. It's good to have a pair in your project bag, even if you don't knit. If nothing else, they make great back scratchers!

Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket in ProgressSo now I'll take the blocks off this stack one at a time and crochet the next few rounds using another of these four bright colors, and stack them back on the other needle to wait for the next round of color. So each block will end up having a variegated center of two rounds, three rounds of one color, two rounds of another color, two more rounds of yet another color and a round of the variegated to finish them off.

I'll share more pictures as I get further along. The other blanket I'm going to crochet for Nancy will be using the pattern for this Noah's Ark Blanket that Merry crocheted and shared this picture with me quite a while ago. The pattern is available from Annie's Attic as a download if you're interested in having a copy for yourself.

Now you'll have to excuse me. I hear my crochet hook and yarn calling me for some quality time before picking up the children from school. Did I mention I love to crochet?

Happy Stitching!

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