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Monday, April 16, 2012

Modern She Made Swap ~ In Progress

The Modern She Made Swap over on Flickr that I mentioned in my post not too long ago is now in full swing. I received my secret partner information and have been stalking her website and her Flickr account for ideas and clues as to what I could make for her. I have settled on an item, fabrics and have a rough idea of design. This is the kind of project that I like to design as I go. So here are a few pictures of my progress so far...

Modern She Made Swap ~ In ProgressAll the essential tools gathered and little squares cut for marking and sewing.

Modern She Made Swap ~ In ProgressPrints sewn to whites up one side and down the other to make lots of little half print/half white squares.

Modern She Made Swap ~ In ProgressHaving fun laying out some of the newly pressed squares, which measure about 2 inches at this point. This layout is one I have been wanting to try, but I have not quite settled on it yet. I might try out some other designs with these squares once I get the oranges and pinks pressed too.

And what about that green fabric there in the background? Hmmm, what could I use that for?

One of the requirements for this swap is that the main gift item must have a circle somewhere in the design. Do you think my project fills the bill so far?

I had another picture of my work in progress that I was going to share here too, but I noticed that on my drawing, my secret partner's name was plain as day! Ooops! I am planning to embroider her name on this item as well.

So tell me, if you were my secret partner, would you like what you see here?

Happy Stitching!

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