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Monday, March 19, 2012

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

The Butterfly Garden Quilt is finally finished! I enjoyed this project from beginning to end. The fabrics, Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles for Moda, were just fabulous to work with. The colors are so warm and rich. The quilt design, Easy as Cake by Konda from Moose on the Porch Quilts, was so fun and my first layer cake quilt! The angel wings quilt design that I chose because of its very close resemblance to butterflies was a real kick to quilt. And the binding, navy blue with multi colored circles, was the perfect finishing touch.

Of course what makes this particular quilt so special for me is that it was made for a wonderful friend of mine whose daughter is getting married soon, and this will be a gift for her at the bridal shower next weekend. Could it get more special than that? I think not!

So here it is hanging off of my back deck with the help of my two favorite little hiding helpers on a windy day...

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!There's Grace playing peek-a-boo when the wind blew!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!The quilt had already been washed and dried when I took these pictures so it is all bunchy and quilty, just the way a quilt should be! I used my favorite binding trick on this quilt, the same one I showed HERE on my Tranquility Quilt.

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!That's the label stitched into the binding, reminding the newlyweds to always be kinder than necessary and that Mom and Dad love them to pieces!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Complete!So here's to a long, happy and fruitful marriage for Mary and Drew, with lots of coziness, warmth and love. That is, after all, what quilts are all about!

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Happy Stitching!

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