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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Geocaching GPS Lanyard ~ Quick, Easy and a MUST-have!

Have you ever heard of geocaching? Do you geocache? When my kids and I spent a few days in Pennsylvania at my sister's last summer, she introduced us to geocaching which is just a hip word for a good old fashioned treasure hunt, only you use a gps device to locate the treasure! Our first experience was a hot, sweaty hike through a beautiful state park near my sister's home. The cache, or treasure, we were looking for was hiding in the foundation of some old, long-forgotten, barn or building of some sort out in the woods. It was really cool!

This past Christmas, my husband gave me my own geocaching gps device, a Magellan eXplorist GC, so that we could do a little treasure hunting here at home or while we're on vacation, or anywhere we want! We've already found three more caches right here near our home and we're having fun deciding which ones we will be looking for next.

So what does all this have to do with needles, you may be asking yourself. Well, this device is great to have, necessary really, but holding onto it is sometimes not practical when hiking through woods and such. Pockets are not always the best solution either. So I thought about making a lanyard for mine. Nothing fancy. Plain and simple. Quick and easy. And after about 20 seconds of cutting two fabric strips, 1 minute of ironing and maybe 2 minutes of sewing on the sewing machine, here's my geocaching gps lanyard...

Geocaching GPS Lanyard ~ Quick, Easy and a MUST-have!Yep, it's just a long strip of fabric, edges folded into the center, folded in half again, short ends stitched together and then stitched along both long edges. You might recognize this fabric as the binding I used on my Tranquility quilt that I made for my sister last Christmas.

Geocaching GPS Lanyard ~ Quick, Easy and a MUST-have!Couldn't get any simpler than that!

Geocaching GPS Lanyard ~ Quick, Easy and a MUST-have!And there's my handy dandy Magellan waiting for our next adventure...

Geocaching GPS Lanyard ~ Quick, Easy and a MUST-have!...while hanging around my neck!

I showed this to my husband and he thought it was quite ingenious. But he wondered why I made it so long. I am not a very tall person and this lanyard makes the unit land a bit below my waist. He thought I should have made it shorter. But then I had to remind him that, being as I'm well over 40 now and in fact just months from that next big number, my eyesight requires that anything I look at be at least as far away from my eyes as my arm length or I cannot see it well! So that's why I had to make it so long!

That's my quick and easy project for today! Now I think I'll go look up one or two more adventures I can have with my kids and my Magellan over at geocaching.com. What fun!

Happy Stitching!

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