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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mary Poppins Inspired Crocheted Scarf

Remember Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins? It's one of my very favorite movies to watch, with or without my children! Do you also remember in that movie the scene where she is first introduced to Mr. Banks in his parlor after she floats in with her umbrella on the changing wind? She is dressed in her overcoat and hat with the little flower and she has a sort of mesh looking scarf loosely around her neck. It's a lovely orangish coral-like color. Well, I had two skeins of yarn that were very close in color to each other, just one shade off, and both very similar to that scarf in the movie. So I decided to use them both to make a scarf as close to the one Mary Poppins wore as I could! Here it is...

This is the yarn I used. As you can see, it's a Caron product that is a Merino Wool Blend, 75% Microdenier Acrylic and 25% Merino Wool. It's a lovely yarn to work with and it drapes so nicely. I knew it would be perfect for a scarf!

And here it is, all 90 inches of it! It's very long, so it would be perfect for wrapping a couple times around your neck with plenty still hanging down either side.

In this close-up, you can see the mesh design which is a bit tighter than the scarf in the movie, but mesh all the same.

Here you can see the entire length of the scarf, and of course that lovely electrical outlet that shows up in all my scarf or bag pictures taken from these hooks!

This scarf is very lightweight, and only five inches wide so it will not be very bulky to wear.

A lovely accessory for you or a friend, or even your favorite nanny who only promises to stay until the wind changes! It will be over in my Etsy shop very soon and, as always, if you're local please email before purchasing so I can save you the shipping cost! I love delivering in person!

Here's a quick school update for those readers who are interested: I'm totally loving biology and feel this is the class I am getting the most out of right now. English is ok and almost over since it is an accelerated half-semester course so only three more meetings for that class. And psychology is interesting but I almost wish I had not taken it as an online course because I think the classroom discussions for this particular course would have been enlightening. My sewing machine has not been touched in weeks, but I do find time in the evenings to do some crocheting. When I have a little more done on my current project, the one I bought all that yarn for, I'll post some pictures!

Happy Stitching!

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