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Sunday, December 23, 2012

3 Dimensional Origami Star

My first semester of school is over and I've had a few days to get myself back together again. Grades won't be posted until the end of the week, so I'll let you know how I did then. It's nice to be back here at Hooked On Needles with you, even if just for a short time! I have not spent any time in my sewing room yet, but hopefully after Christmas, I will be able to finish that fun zig zag quilt top that I started at the end of summer.

Today I made something fun that I thought you might enjoy. All you need is some square paper and a little bit of time. I also cheated a bit and used some teensy bits of tape too. If you make one, you'll see why that was necessary! So here is what I made...

This is an origami star, made with only six pieces of square origami paper. Isn't it pretty? The folds are not hard to do, and putting it together was pretty easy too, once I started using the little pieces of tape to secure one piece to the next so they wouldn't keep popping off of each other!

I found quite a lot of videos showing how to make tons of different origami designs on youtube, and this one can be found by clicking HERE. The video is just over nine minutes long, but the first little bit is of ice skating. I don't know. I just watched it for the origami!

The finished size of this star shaped piece of course depends on the size of the square papers you use to make it. I used 5 7/8 inch squares and my star finished at just about that same size in diameter. It was fun to do and I thought it turned out pretty well for the first one.

A large version of this design would make a pretty Christmas tree topper, don't you think?

Happy Stitching!

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