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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daisy Cottage Textured Needlepoint Companions

Yesterday I showed you Daisy Cottage which is a Needlepoint picture worked in a variety of stitches using tapestry wool and Perle cotton. When I made that purchase, I also bought another kit that was its obvious partner. It is called Rose Cottage. I thought the two of them would look so nice in our master bedroom, framed alike, if I could only get them done. You saw that Daisy Cottage is complete. Here's what Rose Cottage looks like...

Rose Cottage Needlepoint Kit...still in the package, just like it did the day I bought it! It is definitely on my list of things to do though, because I am itching to put down the knitting needles and crochet hooks for just a little while!

These kits are part of The Coleshill Collection from England, makers of beautiful Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Crewel Embroidery and Stumpwork kits for all levels of stitching experience. Their Country Cottages series of Textured Stitch Pictures is what I stumbled upon during that wonderful shopping trip to Keepsake NeedleArts that day, but only two of the kits were available. There are two other kits in this series which I would love to acquire so as to complete the set and make a beautiful display on my bedroom wall.

Wisteria Cottage is lovely with its hanging clusters of purple and its pretty heart shaped tulips in the foreground.

Gable Cottage is just as pretty with more purple in French Knot clusters and a very inviting peaked roof entryway. Such curb appeal!

When I finally get my hands on them, I will certainly let you know! For now though, I must finish up my Filet Crochet dresser scarf for my daughter and the Mitered Square Baby Blanket before starting anything new! Oh yes, and I can't forget the treats I will be making for my Stitcher's Angel Swap secret stitcher!

So much stitching, so little time!

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