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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mitered Square Crocheted Baby Blanket -- Finished!

The Mitered Square Baby Blanket is finally finished! Yippee! I love wrapping up a project and putting away all the leftovers, not because I didn't enjoy doing the project, but because it means I can start Something New....ooooh, something new. But that's not what we're talking about this time.

Are you curious to know what I did with the mistake I made on this blanket? Did I leave it rectangular, or did I rip out the mistake and make it square as the pattern called for? What would you have done?

We'll get to that, but first take a look at the very simple border on this blanket and how it looks different on the different corners.

Mitered Square Crocheted Baby Blanket CornerThis is the corner of the first square made on this blanket. It's a little bit rounded because it is the outermost corner of the square which hasn't yet been pulled in by the decreasing on the subsequent rows. If you follow the single crochet stitches towards the corner, you can see where I worked three stitches into the same space to allow the corner to lay flat and not bunch up.

Mitered Square Crocheted Baby Blanket CornerThis is another corner on the blanket, a little more square than the previous corner. The one round of single crochet I used for the border really blends in to the bottom edge of this corner, and really just looks like a continuation of the block design.

Mitered Square Crocheted Baby Blanket CornerThis is the outer corner of the very last block of the blanket where all the decreasing rows come to a point. Instead of cutting the yarn after the block was complete, I simply worked a chain stitch, then three single crochet stitches into the very last stitch and began the single crochet round of the border. When I was finished, I just had to weave in that last tail of yarn and whatever other tails were not stitched over in the process of making the blanket, and it was done!

Mitered Square Crocheted Baby Blanket FinishedSo here is the finished blanket...rectangular! I liked the shape better than if it were square so in the end I was glad I had made that mistake. Funny how things work out.

This exact blanket is available for purchase on my Etsy shop and would make a wonderful baby blanket for in a crib or stroller.

I enjoyed making this blanket for several reasons. It gave me the chance to use worsted weight cotton yarn for something other than bags or dishcloths, and I discovered what a nice feel the cotton has and how nicely it drapes. I also found this pattern of the mitered squares fun to work as opposed to crocheting the usual full length rows back and forth. Sometimes it seems like no progress is being made, but with this pattern each block only took a little over an hour so progress was noticeable very quickly.

I think this pattern would be nice in any color or also in a variegated yarn. You could even do each block in a different color to make a diagonal design or a "trip around the world" type of design. However those would require a little more planning ahead, and also take away the benefit of not having to cut the yarn at the end of each block. So there are a few ideas of different ways to use this pattern. If you decide to try it, I'd love to see the result. Post a comment and share your creativity!

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