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Friday, November 21, 2008

Even More Pillows!

I'm not sure how much more of this non-stop sewing my fingers can handle! I've come to the conclusion that working with upholstery fabric all the time must require wearing some kind of special gloves! This stuff is heavy duty and hard on the fingertips! But have no fear. I shall press on! It IS for a good cause, after all.

So today I have two more pillows to show you. This is the end of the pillow production as I have run out of pillow forms and I am very quickly running out of time as well.

Pillow with trimIsn't this fabric just plain Funky? I can't seem to think of another word to describe it. In among the piles of fabric was also a bag of trim, so this pillow got a nice little dressing up with a pretty burgundy trim.

Back pocket of pillow with trimIt also has the overlap on the back which you can see in the picture above. That makes it so much easier to finish the pillow. All you have to do is turn it and stuff it and it's done. This is also a big pillow at 18 inches square so I really didn't want to hand stitch the opening!

Envelope Pillow with Gold ButtonThis pretty little envelope pillow is only 12 inches square and the cover is actually an envelope! The button is functional, holding the flap closed, and when you open the flap, the body of the pillow opens like an envelope to hold the pillow form. Yet another way to eliminate the need for hand finishing...except for sewing on the button!

I have also made 3 more tote bags which I will show you tomorrow along with any others that I can get done before writing my post. I have 5 more cut out and ready to sew, so I just need to find the time to sit at my machine and produce.

The fabric pile is actually getting smaller. I noticed that while picking through it to make more combinations for tote bags. I can now see the cover of the pool table! Progress is being made!

Now back to work. Time is running short.

Happy Stitching!

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  • More great projects - I'm starting to think I should send you MY stash and watch how many projects you can create!! It isn't upholstery fabric so your fingers should be safe ... LOL!!!

    I bet you'll be glad when the fair is over, so life can get back to normal :) It's fun and productive to get that much stuff done, but it's quite stressful as well - you can't keep it up forever - or at least - "I" can't! Make sure you take a breather and have some time for yourself and for the family!

    By Blogger Sandra :), At November 21, 2008 at 12:18 PM  

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