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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Even More Tote Bags!

I do believe this should be just about the final batch of tote bags for the Holiday Fair. The pile of fabric has definitely gotten smaller. It was so nice to have such a variety of fabrics to choose from though. I wanted to make some bags that were a little more than a simple lined tote bag, but discovered early on in this marathon of sewing that I just didn't have the luxury of time to play around with ideas or do more complicated patterns. Still I think everyone can always find a good use for a basic tote bag that is heavy duty and made well.

Here are the last few that I have to show you before I head down to the school to display them and hopefully sell them all.

Tote Bag #12I really like this one, Tote Bag #12. The fabric is interesting and it is lined with a heavy duty tan corduroy. The straps are made from webbing that I bought at Walmart to have on hand just in case. I was glad I had it because the piece of fabric for the outside of the bag was just big enough for the bag with none leftover to make the straps. I would have used the corduroy, but discovered that it doesn't take too well to ironing. So the webbing saved the day. It is strong and sturdy and the color worked for this fabric.

Tote Bag #13Here is Tote Bag #13, made with the same fabric as the two toned pillow I showed you the other day. It is lined with the same coordinating fabric too. The colors in this picture show the fabric closer to how it really looks compared to how it looked in the pillow picture. It's soft and has some nice greens in it and leaves, which is a theme that I enjoy decorating with in my home, so I kind of like this one.

Tote Bag #14Tote Bag #14 - crazy fabric, don't you think? It is the same fabric as the envelope pillow from yesterday's post, and also has webbing for the straps. This fabric was just too heavy to fold over into multiple layers to make the straps. I actually broke a sewing machine needle while stitching around the top where the side seams come together. My poor machine hasn't been worked this hard since I don't know when!

Happy Stitching!

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