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Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Blocks for the Bernat Crochet-Along

Every day I fall farther and farther behind on crocheting blocks for Bernat's Crochet-Along! Clue #5 has been my downfall! It calls for 16 blocks and I have finished only seven. And two more clues have been posted that I haven't even started on! But all is not lost! I will muster up my sporting spirit and just plug along until I am all caught up. Not to worry. This is all for fun, and fun for all!

So, would you like to see what Clue #5 looks like? Here you go...

More Blocks for the Bernat Crochet-AlongIsn't that a lovely little pile of blocks? They are mitered, very similar to the blocks used in THIS baby blanket I made quite a while ago using a Bernat pattern also. For a mitered block, instead of starting in the center and crocheting around and around on all four sides like a regular granny block, you start with two long edges and crochet those edges, decreasing in the center on each row until you get to the opposite corner. So each row gets smaller and smaller. You can also do it backwards from that and start at the small corner and increase in the center making longer and longer sides until the block is as big as you want it. The crocheted mitered square is very versatile, not to mention fun to do!

More Blocks for the Bernat Crochet-AlongI don't know how these blocks will be arranged in the afghan. This is a mystery, after all! And there will be 16 of this one block all together so the possibilities are almost endless. But this is one arrangement I came up with.

More Blocks for the Bernat Crochet-AlongAnd here is another one. I kind of like the four blocks put together to make one big block.

More Blocks for the Bernat Crochet-AlongThis arrangement is pretty cool too. I'm excited to finish this clue and move on to the next two.

My little ones have no school tomorrow and we don't have any plans for the weekend, so I might actually be able to crank some of these out during the days instead of having to wait until evening to pick up my yarn and hook. It's cold and wet and dreary here too, so the perfect weather to light up the fireplace and get cozy. In fact, I have a fire sizzling in the fireplace right behind me as I type. It's nice!

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy too!

Happy Stitching!

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