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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crochet Needle Roll ~ a Christmas Gift for my Sister

This year for Christmas, I decided to make my sister the Sister (you've met her here, here, here, here and here before) a needle roll for her crochet hooks. This decision was an easy one to make after seeing how her crochet hooks were kept during a visit early in the fall. She had asked me to show her how to do some little detail of a bag she wanted to make, so she brought out her collection of hooks and then proceeded to dig through it looking for the right size. Ugh! My decision was made!

And now that it is several days after Christmas, and the day before we will be visiting her, it seemed like the perfect time to finally make the needle roll! It only took about an hour, so really I could have even waited until tomorrow!

Crochet Needle RollI just love this fabric! You might recognize it as the fabric I used for the lettering, backing and binding on the Eat Play Sleep Repeat baby quilt I finished recently. Sandy Gervais designed this Frolic line of fabric, I am pretty sure, just to make me smile!

Crochet Needle RollUnrolled, you can see the inside of the pouch with about 18 spaces to store crochet hooks. Many of the hooks she has in her collection are the very tiny metal hooks for use with crochet thread, like what you would use to crochet a doily, so those can be stored several to a pocket.

Crochet Needle RollThe little flag on the top goes over the top of the hooks so that they will not slide out when the pouch is rolled up and tied.

Crochet Needle RollDid I mention I love this fabric?

Crochet Needle RollThe ties come out one side and then wrap around the outside of the rolled up pouch where a bow is tied to hold the whole thing closed.

Crochet Needle RollDo you think she'll like it? With this fabric, how could she not?

Happy Stitching!

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