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Friday, March 16, 2012

Crocheted Slipper Pattern Help ~ Video Tutorial

Every now and then, a reader will ask for a little help in the form of a video on a crochet or knit project which is causing them some trouble. Recently Ginger wrote to me and asked if I could take a look at a crocheted slipper pattern that she had purchased from a designer on Etsy. She sent me the link to the pattern and I purchased it for myself so that I could test it and see if I thought I could help. Ginger was having trouble getting the top part of the slipper to look like the pictures. I am not quite sure where she was going wrong, so I made a video explaining how to do the entire top of the slipper from beginning to end! I am hoping that by watching it, she will notice what she is doing differently, make some changes, and be able to achieve the result she wants.

Here is the slipper I made as a test...

Crocheted Slipper Pattern Help ~ Video TutorialI used some Red Heart worsted weight yarn that I had on hand, but if I were to make these slippers to wear, I would probably use worsted weight cotton or something else more comfortable.

Crocheted Slipper Pattern Help ~ Video TutorialIf these slippers look like fun to you, hop on over to Genevive's Etsy shop and check out this pattern (Mary Janes PDF 11) and all the other great designs she has for slippers, baby shoes, socks and other crocheted items

The following video will not show you how to make the entire slipper, nor will it give all the details needed to complete the slipper. You must purchase your own copy of Genevive's pattern and work the pattern for either the single or double sole of the slipper first. Then you will be able to follow along with the video and the pattern to complete the slipper.

Here's the video, which I should warn you is quite long, about 42 minutes! But you can pause it and restart it at the same points where you will notice that I break away to complete a round or part of a round. I didn't think you would really want to see me do every single stitch in this project!

I noticed after finishing the slipper in the video that I ended up with two slippers exactly the same, meaning that the strap on both slippers was made for the right foot. In order to get the strap to go in the other direction for the left foot, I think the simplest solution would be, when working the second slipper, to begin the last section on the left side of the slipper with the inside of the slipper facing you. Then the strap would be made on the right side of the slipper and it would be going the correct way for the left foot. Wow, that was confusing!

So I hope that this video helps Ginger, and anyone else who might want to give this pattern a try. If you need refreshers on any of the basic crochet stitches, you can check out my other crochet videos by clicking HERE and choosing from the list. I'd love to see what you make!

Happy Stitching!

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  • Whst a wonderful tutorial! You make things so clear, especially for a newby crocheter like me. It made me feel like I could really make these slippers. Your voice is so reassuring! I am saving this video in my favorites for future reference. Thanks!

    By Blogger Nedra, At March 16, 2012 at 10:52 AM  

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