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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red and Aqua Quilt ~ Finally Quilted!

Remember my red and aqua quilt that I made using the blocks I received in a Disappearing 9-patch block swap quite some time ago? Well, I don't blame you if you don't remember! It has been a long time! Anyway, I've had three dates with the long arm machine in the past week, and I have quilted four quilts! My red and aqua was the first of the batch to get the royal treatment. Take a look...

Red and Aqua Quilt ~ Finally Quilted!Oh my goodness, what a fun quilt this is to look at! It's so busy and colorful!

Red and Aqua Quilt ~ Finally Quilted!This is the back of the quilt, which is a bit more relaxing to look at, and here you can see the quilting design I stitched into it using a lovely aqua color thread on top and back. It's the same design, called Daisies Galore, that I had quilted into my charity quilt before I started long arming my own quilts. I just love how happy it is!

Red and Aqua Quilt ~ Finally Quilted!Those little hedgehogs just crack me up! And I do believe they are all in love...just look at all those red hearts floating around them! I know I'm in love with this quilt, and I cannot wait to get the binding on it and lay it out for our first summertime picnic!

I'll share pictures of the other quilts I worked on very soon, plus I'll be posting a tutorial for a fun little project I made today that will come in very handy on our next road trip. Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching!

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