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Monday, November 24, 2008

Embroidered Christmas Cards

I am still in the process of getting organized after finishing up all the upholstery fabric sewing for the Holiday Fair which was this past weekend, but my older daughter started working on a project I thought you would enjoy seeing. Perhaps you will even want to make some yourself this Christmas season. She is embroidering cards to give to the other clarinet players in the band. She is the section leader and really loves the other kids in her section and they just love her too. I think she will miss them next year. So she is always thinking of nice things to do for them. Take a look at what she started last night...

Embroidered Christmas CardShe picked a simple font and printed out "Merry Christmas" in a size that would be just right for the cards she wanted to make. Then she cut pieces of card stock and pricked the design into it using a straight pin and my bobbin lace pinning board, just like I did for the hand embroidered card for our favorite swim teacher, the bookmark for my wonderful cousin, and the note cards I made for the PTO auction.

Embroidered Christmas CardThen she took two strands of my sparkly gold sewing thread and backstitched through the holes she had pricked to form the letters, taping the thread ends onto the back of the card.

Embroidered Christmas CardIsn't that pretty? She also purchased some three dimensional scrapbooking stickers on sale at Michael's that she will use to further decorate the cards. The stitched card stock will be attached to a pre-folded greeting card which is about an inch bigger than the green card stock and then she will hand write a personal message inside each card.

This would be a quick and easy way to make some extra special cards for those extra special people in your life this Christmas season.

Elizabeth has watched me do my crafts all her life and it is so satisfying to see her starting to create on her own. She is also quite an accomplished knitter and crocheter. Next time, I will show you an afghan she is making and share with you her favorite pattern. It is a simple single crochet pattern where you don't have to worry about your rows getting shorter from missing that last stitch! So easy and versatile too.

Happy Stitching!

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