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Monday, February 25, 2013

Crocheted Homespun Blocks Afghan ~ Complete!

I was wrong! Last time I showed this afghan in progress with the strips all lined up and ready to be sewn together, the plan was to use up all the leftover yarn by crocheting a simple border with each color until they ran out. But once I got all the strips sewn together and laid this thick, cozy, warm crocheted afghan out on the floor, I realized it was actually a really good size, and it is h-e-a-v-y! So I made the executive decision to leave it as is, which is exactly the way the pattern instructed anyway!

So, here it is, my version of the crocheted Homespun Blocks afghan...

It is 9 blocks by 8 blocks with a finished measurement of approximately 59 inches by 56 inches.

It was made with eight different colors of Lion Brand Homespun yarn which is 98% acrylic and 2% polyester and easy care machine wash and dry.

I chose this color combination to be gender neutral and not too dark but not too light either.

This afghan is perfect for throwing over the back of your favorite chair or sofa and cuddling under on a cold winter night, with a cup of something hot and a good book of course!

It will be making an appearance over in my Etsy shop very soon, so if you think this is the perfect afghan for you or someone you love, zip me a quick email or look for it over in my shop. Of course, if you are local and I can deliver in person, email or convo me first so you won't have to pay shipping charges.

This afghan is so soft and cozy and the colors work so nicely in my house that I was very tempted to keep this one, but looking at the pile of handmade afghans in the corner of the family room convinced me that this one will have to find a new home!

In between trying to memorize the names and functions of the cranial nerves, and learning about all different kinds of bacteria, I have decided not to start a new project. Instead I will be working on finishing two old projects that have sat neglected for some time now, the triangle lace shawl which is a knitting project that I talked about HERE, and a crocheted spider web scarf which is my first project using cashmere yarn that is almost finished. I think the spider web scarf will be what I work on first since it is closest to being finished. I'll share pictures once it is finished.

Happy Stitching!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crocheted Homespun Blocks Afghan ~ Strips Finished!

In between my school, the kids' school, activities, school vacation week, studying, and all the usual stuff of regular, everyday home life that we all do, I have finally finished crocheting the strips of my Homespun Blocks Afghan! It will be so nice to get this all sewn up and in one piece so I can crochet a nice border on it to use up all the leftover yarn.

Take a look at the current state of this afghan with all the ends hanging out...

Kind of messy, don't you think? My locking stitch markers will come in handy for holding the strips together at each block intersection so I will be sure to sew the blocks together evenly.

After I get all the strips sewn together, using the long ends I left as I added each new yarn color, I will just start crocheting around the outside edge, probably in single crochet, changing to a new color as each color runs out.

When I'm on the very last color, I don't think I will do any kind of border simply because this yarn is so good at hiding any kind of stitch detail in all its bumps and lumps! I think it would be wasted effort! So once the last color of yarn is finished, I will just pull in the tail and weave it in and the afghan will be complete.

This cozy crocheted afghan will be so very thick and fluffy and cushy and cozy, and a very generous size too, not one of those little lap blankets that don't even cover your feet! I am excited to get it finished and move on to my next project. What that is yet is not clear, but I'm leaning towards a knitting project of an article of clothing for myself, such as a sweater. I've been scouring the free patterns at Red Heart and Lion Brand and other yarn brand websites to see if anything jumps out at me, but so far I've struck out. Just as well, because I don't really have time to dedicate to a serious, thoughtful knitting project right now anyway.

So that's my quick update for now. Time for me to review for an Anatomy quiz on the brain tomorrow morning. Fascinating stuff! I hope you are doing fascinating things with your time too!

Happy Stitching!

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